03 November 2007


Busy with deadlines and re-organising my vinyl collection right now. Actually, perhaps I should simply say 'organising', as there was very little order or logic before. The collection was out of control. Part of the problem might be that I've never invested in purpose-built storage, which is why I'm making preparations for delivery of some Spyboxes. If they're good enough for Woebot, then they're good enough for me!

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  1. Yes mate!
    "Busy with deadlines and reorganising..."
    - that's quality displacement activity. The minute them deadlines are a-looming, it suddenly seems ever so pressing that All Of The Records Need Alphabetizing Now (or what have you - Dewey Decimal Classification?)

    And Xmas comes early chez Gutter with the Spyboxes! Ace stuff. Nice to see House Hits v/a on Needle rec in there - full of classics, Farley Jackmaster Funk's 'Love Can't Turn Around' (well this is how it started - yeah man), Bomb the Bass 'Beat Dis', Cut To Shock 'Put That Record Back On'. Jackin'!