19 December 2007


Well Pinch didn't show-up (too jet-lagged after just returning from Japanese tour)and neither did Rossi B, Jakes or Whiteboi. But what the fuck, we had a good laugh round at Wedge and Appleblim's place last night - basically a drunken Xmas house party streaming live on SubFM!

I turned-up fashionably late, but in time to catch a bit of Headhunter, Kid Kut and Gatekeeper, who all smacked it, though man of the night was surely Joker. Armed with a beer and plate of party food nibbles he really got the place hyped-up - suddenly all those stoned, docile party guests were up and bouncing around like two-year-olds, and inspired Appleblim to give it some verbal on the mic. Unfortunately the internet connection went down at about 11:45pm, just as Joker's set was reaching it's climax, and the bloody computer stubbornly refused to reconnect. It was probably a really simple problem, but Wedge and his cohorts were just too mashed to figure it out. Undaunted, the party continued without the ears of the world listening in. Peverelist arrived late, but treated us to tasty selection of dubs, including some nice bits from Rob Smith and Mala, though Pev's own latest hypnotic creation was the highlight for me (dunno what it was called, sorry). This was followed by some deeply dutty sounds from Sureskank's Sam Neek. Not sure what happened after that, cos I buggered off home to my bed.

Biggest surprise of the evening was when this little Indian-looking guy came up and started talking to me - turns out it was Jabba of Moving Ninja fame! I've been a fan for some time, but this Australian producer was the last person I expected to bump into. Turns out he's just moved from Sydney to Bristol and is working for Multiverse Music, the publishing arm of Pinch's Tectonic empire. Expect some fresh Ninja-tunes next year, quite possibly on the re-activated Subtext label. Funny to see Jabba all wrapped-up in scarf and coat, experiencing his first English winter!

On the way back from the toilet, I came across what appeared to be a large portion of Appleblim's record collection on the landing. Couldn't resist flicking through a few platters. It was all his older, pre-dubstep stuff, without any apparent logical filing system. Public Enemy next to Abba, Whitehouse next to an Iron Maiden picture disc, John Foxx's "Metamatic", some Chain Reaction, Aphex Twin, Neu!, Pere Ubu, The Kinks...and M.C. Miker G. and DJ Sven's "Holiday Rap"!?! (crap '80s euro-rap novelty hit) - "it's all about the acappela on the b-side" Laurie explained, without a trace of irony. Incidentally, so far Appleblim has had about six unsuccessful attempts to record his Dubstep Allstars mix for Tempa, but don't worry he's sure to nail it soon and I can't wait to hear the results, which I've no doubt will be a serious manifesto for new directions in dubstep for 2008. I think it's also safe to reveal that the authors of that 'mystery track' on my Blogariddims mix were in fact Appleblim and Peverelist, and is part of a collaborative project set for release on Skull Disco early next year. Another track from my mix, Pev's "Infinity Is Now", looks set for release on Tectonic at some point, along with the debut long-player from the dangerously talented Dave Huismans aka 2562.

Managed to blag a couple of freebies before I left: A cd-r of fresh Headhunter dubs that build on the more techno-orientated direction showcased on his recently-released "Initiate" EP for Tempa - on first listen I'm particularly feeling "Acid Eric" and "Axis". Also a promo 12" of the latest release from Kid Kut's Immerse imprint - featuring some dark, brooding excursions from Djunya and Borg, which you can buy here.

Top night! Here's some of my customarily crap pics...

Headhunter and Wedge
Jabba & Headhunter
Jabba, Sam Neek, Headhunter, Peverelist
Joker, Gatekeeper, Wedge

Appleblim on the mic

Pev 'pon deckle

Gatekeeper (center) holds court

Kidkut (center) passes the spliff

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  1. just beautiful

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    just beautiful