31 January 2008


under_score presents...

Sähkö The Movie

(Jimi Tenor / 1995 / Finland / DVD / 44 mins / Documentary)

Sunday 17th February / Cube Microplex /7pm / £2

SÄHKÖ THE MOVIE documents Finnish techno label Sähkö Recordings in it's
mid-90s prime. Best known for it's sparse, ultra-minimal sound,
it's early releases have become a benchmark in electronic music.
This 16mm film shows Mika Vainio aka Ø, Pan(a)sonic,
Hertsi, and Jimi Tenor at work in the studio making tracks on their
trademark custom-built analogue equipment, hand pressing limited
edition vinyl releases and eardrum rupturing live performances. The
movie is essential viewing for anyone with a passing interest in
techno, industrial and experimental music but also the restless DIY

In the bar -- under_score dj Jim Petherwick and arch blogger
Gutterbreakz play Sähkö classics 7pm till late.


  1. wow!
    that's great! how to get a copy of movie???

  2. Anonymous7:57 AM

    @ jah

    under_score here.

    the film is not in circulation at the moment and was only available in limited numbers on VHS back in the 90's.

    the copy we are showing is specially obtained from the dirctor himself in Finland!!!

    its a one-off showing so if your near bristol don't sleep on it.


  3. I am not near Bristol. :(
    I am from Serbia...

    Would like to get my hands on that movie. If there is some way to get copy, please contact me.

    BTW your blog is great!!!

  4. DAMNNNNNN what a great event! MASSIVE props to under_score, perfectly pitched plans as ever, and yer man gutter all on the faders as well. Gutted to be so far away. Nnnaannnnnnnnggggggggg.