10 February 2008


A star-studded extravaganza at Ruffnek Discotek last night. Bass Clef returned to his old adopted home for another of his unique one-man-band performances, showcasing some fresh tunes with the usual madcap trombone/theremin/percussion extemporising (nobody plays woodblock with as much soul as our Ralph). Unphased by some early technical difficulties, his invention and showmanship delighted all who witnessed it. I managed to grab a cd-r of fresh tunes from him, which included a couple of rather splendid remixes of Appleblim & Peverelist's "Circling". Both the "Diameter" and "Radius" mixes take the original into facinating new territory - I really hope Skull Disco see fit to release them!

Atki 2 reunited with vocalist Indi Kaur, whilst simultaneously his Monkey Steak partner Hanuman stepped in at the last minute to play in the bar next door. Atki and Indi's vibe was deeper and more cerebral (what was that crazy abstract shit they were playing at the end?!), but Hanuman won the soundclash with a cheeky selection of bassline booty-shakers - I've never seen the bar area at the Croft so animated with dancers! Bassline fucking House, eh? I never listen to the filthy stuff at home, but I can't get enough of it when I'm out partying, and I admit I was egging John on all the way.

Then it was back to the serious stuff when Kode 9 stepped-up to the deckles, for what turned-out to be a sensational 90-minute set. Let's not call it dubstep, though. This was truly hyperdub - a frenzied attack of beats, bass, jagged synth oscillations and Warrior Queen vocals of the kind I haven't witnessed since Plasticman/Plastician in his prime circa 2005. It reminded me why I got into this shit in the first place. Maverick genius in full-effect. And "Magnetic City" is still the dog's bollocks. Then afterwards he cadged a fag off me and we went for a cosy chat outside with Doppleganger. But by that point I was feeling my age (can you believe I had a fucking headache?!) and just couldn't face the final hour with Peverelist. But what the hell, I've seen him play out on many occasions. I know he was great, and you know he was great, right? Ditto Thinking.

Plenty of friendly faces in attendance, as one might expect for a line-up of this calibre, so big-up Appleblim, Headhunter, Kid Kut, Forsaken, Joker, Wedge, Gatekeeper, Henry, Richard Carnage (who I've been spending far too much time chatting with on pavements recently) and of course the Ruffnek regulars Dub Boy, Forensics, Beavis and Brother Wetlands for putting together another wicked event. Watch-out for the next one...look carefully in the pics below and you'll see a flyer revealing next month's line-up. I'm playing too, though obviously that's only exciting from my viewpoint.
Bass Clef doing whatever the hell it is he does.

Atki 2 & Indi Kaur

Hanuman desperately searching for more bassline bangers

Kode 9 prefers doing it with the lights off

Mandatory crowd scene, seen?

Appleblim's 'new look'

The now-familiar gratuitous shot of Gutter hanging with his cool friends - in this case Headhunter


  1. Anonymous2:57 AM

    "Kode 9 prefers doing it with the lights off"
    So true! In Zagreb, Croatia he was putting away lights by himself. :D

  2. You givin' us a bassline house set next time round then?

  3. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Cheers Mr Gutter. Sums up the night nicely. Got a b2b mix with El Kano to sling your way if you're interested?