03 March 2008

Apparently Simon 'Blissblog' Reynolds has contributed a Bleep 'n Bass Top 20 for the print version of Fact magazine. I say apparently because I haven't actually seen it, though I believe it's now available. Luckily Simon sent me the original unedited 'director's cut' text file, so I know what's included in the list and I must say he's done the genre proud. Maybe my list wouldn't be exactly the same, but it's such a narrow field, in a time frame spanning roughly 18 months from late '89 through to early '91, that it's inevitable that we'd be in agreement on most of the killer anthems. Obviously I can't divulge the list here, but suffice to say it does include tracks from my Rob Gordon discography and UK Pressure Mix, so you know it's gotta be worth checking out. I'll be playing a choice selection of Bleep classics at Ruffnek Discotek this Friday (at the management's request!), so if you're living a stone's throw from Bristol and you're even slightly Bleep-curious, come on down to the Croft and check it out. Plus you get to see Loefah, Headhunter and loads of other cool people too!

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