10 March 2008


Not one but two Ruffnek Discoteks this month, with a slightly more intimate night at Cosies on Saturday the 22nd.

Nice to see Jabba aka Moving Ninja getting himself about now that he's relocated to Bristol. Plus Atki 2 and all the usual suspects for a mere 3 quid.

But I'm also tempted to check out this night as well...


With Guests
The Kelly Twins (UFO/Best Before:)
Jamie Quinn (Mode)
Richard Carnage (TAPE/Best Before:)
And residents
Bella Beatz
Jake Davis
Lewis Brady

Dojo Lounge, Park Row, Bristol
Sat. 22nd March
10pm - 7am - £5/7 entry

last entry 4am

Well, maybe I just fancy trying something different, but the main reason for wanting to go to this one is that one of the residents, Jake Davis, is an old friend of mine. We had a few musical adventures together in the '90s, though I lost touch with him for several years. But thanks to the wonders of Facebook we were reunited last year. Still haven't seen him 'in the flesh' yet, so maybe this will be a good opportunity. Also Tape's Richard Carnage is playing, so it must be good, right...?

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