08 March 2008


As reported in that Tory rag and other places, the perm is totally back, thanks to retro-1981 BBC series Ashes to Ashes. Had a weird flashback last night when I noticed this lady stood in front of me in the Ruffnek crowd - though it's less '81, more like Madonna circa "Who's That Girl"in '87. Saw a couple of fellas with full-on Keegan perms too. Maybe they were off their tits on ketamine when they went for that look. But when I first met Mrs. Gutter all those years ago, she swore by her perm, blue eyeliner and pink lipstick, though now she loves her straighteners and refuses to revisit her old look, no matter how much I beg. I fucking love '80s fashion, me. Always have, always will. Though I should point out that I've never had a perm myself. I don't really do fashion statements, I'm more into seeing what everyone else is wearing.

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