24 April 2008

Yeah, I'm feeling these new tracks coming on the Hotflush sub-labels. After slagging-off Vaccine a while back, I gotta eat humble pie now and admit that the new one "Fever/Concussion" (VAC002) is pretty tasty. Deep atmosphere but with much more rythmic imperitive. Also the TRG & Dub U release "Losing Marbles" (HFT 002) is of similar quality - I actually prefer the original to the 2562 refix, but both tracks hit the spot for subby meditivity. Check the Hotflush site for all the details and take a peak at all those free mixes they have on offer.

1 comment:

  1. Weird, was just listening to that Vaccine mix a few days ago...I Quite like 'Fever', but not much else of her stuff tho...'Losing Marbles' is good too...