15 May 2008

Extracts from e-mail exchange earlier today...

Me: i'm trying to get a veneer respectibily with this net-label thing by only using music where i have the permission and involvment of the original artists. i've got some wicked cassettes of forgotten stuff, some by people who i used to know but have long since lost contact with, but i won't be using them until i've tracked down their creators and gotten their agreement.

Him: that sounds like a rather difficult task but I suppose you will have to rely on stuff that has been released previously but just no longer available, correct?

Me: I don't want to use anything that's been officially released, only stuff that's private home recordings or very limited cassette demos. pretty crazy idea isn't it lol!! but i've just got a hunch that a few old soldiers will crawl out of the woodwork when it gets rolling....

Him: fantastic idea - so what you're looking for is 1) unreleased material 2) that's really good that's been sitting around for 15-20 years that 3) you also really like.

have you heard of unicorns? Might be more of a realistic hunt :)

Me: yep that pretty much sums it up, lol!


  1. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Fight the good fight, Nick.

  2. turns out that he was right. i'm gonna start hunting for unicorns now...