21 May 2008

Still haven't got our 'products' sorted out yet, but the Myspace promotional tour has begun...mainly to try and attract potential contributors, really. C'mon now people, don't be shy...



  1. Anonymous3:23 PM

    great idea, i may send you some stuff and then wait anxiously to see if i get "signed", just like when i was 14!

    i've got tonnes, i've even started digitally archiving my dusty college "demo" tapes (the kind of demo that never got duplicated or sent anywhere). perhaps the sounds of a Casio CZ-3000 being distorted through a Tandy DJ mixer with a grainy Atari ST breakbeat is just what the world wants to hear right now.

  2. probably not, but it might well be exactly what I wanna hear right now.

    being a free net-label, bleepfiend is ambivilent towards market trends. i don't care how many people download the shit. We're writing history, not shifting units.

  3. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I've been meaning to sort through my dusty box full of old demo tapes... hell, I might even dig my old Amiga 600HD out of the loft! I've got a hard drive and a big box of floppy discs full of old tunes...

  4. I listened to part of "At Home With No. 1 Atronaut" on the train across town today. Nice stuff.Thanks Bleepfiend.