26 July 2008


Doppelganger in the mix for Blogariddims? Believe!

Sigh...I can still remember a time when I'd have to drag him kicking and screaming to check a club night, and even then he'd usually bugger off home early. But nowadays he's more up for it than I am! I think he's even toying with the idea of starting his own club night when he moves to Colchester.

Check the blog post here, but if you want to actually hear the 'cast, best go straight here, innit...


  1. i gotta do somethin' 'bout those open pores...

    still, thanks for not pointin' out that this piccy was a result of my inability to hold your phonecam the right way round.....

  2. i call that one 'accidental self-portrait by pillock', lol!