30 August 2008


Vulcan Holiday Special (IPC, 1976)
Cover art: Don Lawrence

TV Comic Holiday Special (Polystyle Publications, 1978)
Cover art: Unknown

Starlord Summer Special (IPC, 1978)
Cover art: Unknown

Captain America Summer Special (Marvel UK, 1979)
Cover art: John Byrne

Captain Britain Summer Special (Marvel UK, 1980)
Cover art: John Buscema

2000A.D. Sci-Fi Special (IPC, 1980)
Cover Art: Mike McMahon
Warrior Summer Special (aka issue #4!) (Quality Communications, 1982)
Cover art: Steve Dillon

Dracula Comics Special (Quality Communications, c.1983)
Cover art: Mick Austin


  1. Anonymous11:06 PM

    I don't think that's John Buscema - that Cap Britain figure looks like it was done by Pablo Marcos. He certainly inked it and the fifurework looks more like his than JB.

  2. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Can't spell tonight: fifurework = figurework