30 September 2008

The penultimate Blogariddim comes from it's founders: Droid and Slug's 'Dubtronics' mix locates the intersections between classic '90s electronica (Aphex Twin, Autechre, Seefeel, Beaumont Hannant et al) and the finest contemporary dubstep sounds (from labels like Hyperdub, Skull Disco, Hessle Audio and Tectonic). What I really like about this is that it mirrors some of my own early observations and maybe helps prove the point that dubstep isn't just part of the hardcore evolutionary process, it also potentially picks-up where things left off around '95 before leftfield electronica became either too experimental or obsessed with jungle-derived breakbeat edits. Perhaps it would've been nice to include Seefeel's awesome remix of Authechre's "Basscad", as I always thought that was a very prescient piece of dubtronics (almost a prediction of halfstep) though I imagine it's slow tempo would've been difficult to beat-match.


  1. Yeah - we went for the Beaumont Hannant mix intsead - partly because of tempo, and partly because wed already featured a good bit of Seefeel related stuff.

    Its frightening how well it all works together though innit? (If I do say so myself)

  2. BTW - wish Id done a bit more research and credited your 2005 piece... time for a bit of sneaky editing methinks...

  3. ahhh, don't worry about linking my old ramblings, mate - you've obviously worked this all out for yourselves.
    funnily enough i also compared Pinch's album to Autechre in my Woofah review.

  4. Anonymous11:40 PM

    'Dubtronics' is awesome.Thx guyz
    Keep up the good work...

  5. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Yup it really is awesome!!
    You guyz ROCK!!!

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