16 November 2008


Good to see that John Eden has found time to do another RSI Radio podcast. It's a very specialist reggae t'ing but never less than interesting especially with John's informative commentary. Also of interest is Ed DMX's Radio Show, which is now in it's second installment. It's basically Ed playing a load of old records that mean a lot to him, but he's very good explaining why he likes these records, how they influenced him and so forth. For me, it's like a catalogue of my own record buying experiences, particularly the '80s stuff - clearly we were into a lot of the same things - Mantronix, Kraftwerk, Chaka Kahn, even the Pointer Sister's "Automatic", which I still think is a brilliant record. Ed is slightly younger than me, so he was getting into 12" mixes and studying the building blocks of rhythm and sound when he was about ten, whereas I was about 14 before I started doing that. We were learning about music and developing our tastes via the same set of records at about the same time ('83 onwards) , it's just that he was evidently a more precociously gifted and mentally advanced child than me, lol!

I must admit these guys are almost inspiring me to try doing something similar. I used to do my Gutterbreakz FM thing a few years back, but that was more of an attempt to emulate the format of pirate radio. But the idea of doing a more sedate 'John Peel'-style show, with unmixed tracks and a bit of chat inbetween isn't something I've tried before. The thought of getting near a microphone again doesn't really enthuse me, but it would enable me to play a wider variety of musical styles without worrying about bpm rates etc. It's something to think about, anyway...


  1. do it do it do it! :-)

  2. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Bring it on Gutta'!

  3. Anonymous10:18 PM

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