08 July 2009


After a decade out in the cold, I finally got some of my hi-fi gear, and specifically a turntable, back into the living room at home, having removed all the kids' crap and reorganised the furniture, thus reclaiming this room as an adult living area.

Oh, the simple joy of playing a record on a decent stereo system whilst lounging on a sofa. It's almost like the old days...except I'm not allowed to smoke anymore...and if I get too comfy I will invariably doze off.

Yes, there's always the possibility that the little buggers will fuck with my shit, and possibly break something, but I'm willing to take that chance.

You will notice that this is a purist system. Turntable, tape deck and amp only. No CD player. This is a digital no-go zone. Though admittedly there is an emergency USB interface jacked into the Aux input, should the need to play digital/Spotified music via laptop ever arise, but so far only the kids have taken advantage of this facility (I may have removed all their stuff, but their presence still stubbornly remains). Me, I'm trying to keep the faith, baby.

Here's to the Analogue Life!


  1. Heh HEH! I love the bit about nodding off if you get too comfortable. I did a similar thing recently - installed a turntable back in our living room. My kids are 9 and 11 - except for the odd football flying round it should be pretty safe. My system is the same as yours amp + turntable + Apple airport express plugged into aux for the family's three laptops - only difference is that the latter gets a lot of use.

  2. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Take back the night, you crazy diamond.
    Prince Asbo

  3. adult living areas, the key to sanity. the rest of the house might be drowning in renegade Cheerios, Iggle Piggle stickers and lumps of Brio, but the dining room is OURS.

  4. Anonymous4:49 PM

    If it were a purist system it certainly wouldn't have a Technics turntable, the unit it stands on would weigh at least 40kg and be fully damped for the most transparent sound, and the interconnects would of course be solid silver ;)

  5. actually mine isn't a Technics, but i take your point - its a dj's deck rather than an audiophile's. maybe i'll buy that vintage Thorens one day...

  6. you need the "Vinyl Killer" of course:


    that'll satisfy the kiddies AND the hardcore audiophiles. for those that know!

  7. Nice David Bowie vinyl.