15 November 2003

Christ, I must apologise for my pathetically self-pitying piece-of-shit post about 'dignified silences' just now. I'd delete it, but hey that's not the way it works. Blogging is like running naked through the streets, you gotta let it all out for everyone to see. I've really gotta get my head together, though. I'm an emotional wreck at the moment. True, things will probably be a bit quieter at Gutterbreakz for a while, but fuck the hiatus. I'll be wrenching stuff from my guts whenever inspiration strikes and time permits. I've resolved to stop hiding behind the music comments and try and get a bit more soul into this blog. I might write about other stuff that's happening to me (though no stuff about babies, I promise) and try and get some emotion in there, which will be difficult because I tend to hide my feelings from just about everyone, even those closest to me. Just typing all this stuff now is making me uncomfortable. I don't know where the fuck this is all gonna lead to, possibly nowhere, but one must strive for greater things.