06 August 2004

Big thanks to Derek Poplife for hipping me to the rather superb girlie synthpunk duo Metalux. Never heard of 'em till Derek's coy little mention pricked my curiousity. At last, a current American electro act that don't sound like a cartoon pisstake of The Normal. An uneasy alliance of indie lo-fi and the electronic avant garde. Better than Add N To (X). I'm hearing strong echoes of late-70's Sheffield - those clammy analogue synth tones remind me of early League/Cabs home recordings. The singer is fucking amazing - sounds similar to Nancy Blossom, vocalist in late '60s psych/synth group Fifty Foot Hose, but with a nastier streak. Most excellent!

Oh yeah.. Derek, web info is thin on the ground, but if you want to learn a little more about these ladies, their website is here. No live dates in the UK scheduled, though. Poo!