06 October 2004


I don't cover enough black or female artists on this blog, so whilst I'm on this '80s/Mantronix kick, I couldn't resist giving out a little love to someone who's both: The delectable Ms. Joyce Sims.

Sims was already a talented singer/songwriter waiting to happen when she was brought to the attention of Curtis Mantronik in 1985. Mantronik was at the height of his clinical europhile phase at that time, but obviously must've already been harbouring ideas of making Pop crossover records. Sims was the perfect vehicle for his ambition. "All and All" was the first fruit of their collaboration and was an instant club and chart hit, peaking at #16 in the UK in April 1986. It's luscious blend of ice-cold electro beats with Joyce's sweet, soulful delivery hits my G-spot everytime.

MP3: Joyce Sims - All And All (Mantronik Megamix)

Joyce Sims - All And All (Mantronik Mega Mix) (London Recordings, 1986)

This is the killer twelve inch extended mix, where Mantronik adds all his extra little bells 'n' whistles. Sims' association with Mantronik was shortlived, although it would last long enough for the huge "Come Into My Life" to break into the Top 10 in January 1988. My twelve inch copy of that includes a pretty cool Simon Harris Megamix of "All And All" on the flip - but that's another story. Don't ask me what Joyce Sims is doing these days. I have no idea.

MP3: Gutterbreakz - B-Machinery

Thought I'd add this in conclusion. It's a bootleg mix of Sim's "Walk Away" and Propaganda's "P-Machinery" that I put together last year during a particularly intense '80's-obsessional phase. Have fun with it, or not....