02 December 2004


Received an e-mail today from a certain semi-famous, NYC-based music journalist informing me that he's getting timed-out when trying to download MP3s. So last week wasn't just an isolated hiccup. Guess I pushed my luck with those three Belgian tracks yesterday. This is getting ridiculous! Okay, no more new MP3s for the rest of the week, and hopefully everyone who wants them will be able to suck 'em down at some point before Monday. My sincerest apologies.

In the meantime I've added a few more names to my blogroll after noticing them in my tracker stats. Of particular note is Meobius Rex, an MP3 blog that I'd heard of but never gotten around to checking out. I seem to be getting a lot of referrals from this one, so hopefully can return the favour. Incidentally, the highest percentage of referrals come from the MP3 Blogs Aggregator, but after that the highest from an individual blog so far is Silverdollarcircle. Cheers, Simon!

I'm thinking that I'll have to start sub-dividing my blogroll into categories - it's getting a bit unwieldy. If I had a 'Grime Reportage' category, then it would definitely include Ghetto Postage, which although hailing from Toronto, seems to be really on the ball, esp. this cracking post about his adventures in London at the Eskimo Dance event.

I was pleased to see I've had ten hits from Belgium. Hi guys!! The thing that these trackers can't tell you is the sort of age groups reading this blog. I sometimes wonder if my 'oldskool' MP3s are just nostalgia trips for my fellow thirty-somethings, or if there are any younger readers for whom things like Technotronic are an unknown quantity. And you can't tell the male/female percentages either. I bet it's 99% blokes!

Incidentally, I've not long finished watching a BBC1 documentary on Brian Wilson's "Smile" album. I love the Beach Boys, me. I'll take anything up to and including "Holland" and I've got quite a few bootlegged bits from the original "Smile" sessions. So why haven't I bought the new, finally finished album yet? Dunno. Just can't get excited by the idea of this re-recording, even though my mate Aaron (another Wilson worshipper) reckons it's ace. Really enjoyed the documentary tonight, though. I'll get that album sooner or later...but when I'm good and ready.

Now what to do for the rest of the week? Well, I've got The Fall at the Bristol Bierkeller to look forward to on Friday (see you there Loki, Kek-W, Psychbloke, Farmer-Glitch and any others from the West Country massive who fancy it - maybe Rowche from SVC?), but until then....well, maybe I'll post some more bullshit at Loki's blog for a laugh....