01 September 2005


rvngmx4This was my top Party CD of the summer. It's a mix CD called "Crazy Rhythms", compiled and mixed by Mike Simonetti and Dan Selzer. I know Dan is a regular reader here, as he sometimes drops by with a comment. Despite being clothed in a tasty designer plastic wallet, I think this is, at best, a 'semi-official' release (it ain't got a bar-code!) so not sure how widely available it is. Looks like you can order it here and I notice it's also in stock at the Rough Trade shop, if anyone feels suitably inspired by my ramblings to seek a copy. Maybe when they've sold out Dan might let me host it for awhile, cos it's seriously cool. That is assuming you like a big dose of obscure Italo-Disco with a dash of punk-funk and retro techno. This project is basically about showing-off all their rare 12 inch treasures and I for one am glad they did. After opening with the majestic string-synths 'n' tubular bells of Giorgio Moroder's "Night Drive", it's a solid rollercoaster ride through the nether regions of vintage electro-disco, including some wicked tunes from Klein & M.B.O, Vortex, Belle Epoque and a bunch of others I ain't even heard of. Top marks for also including the brilliant "Galaxy" by War (as covered by the Cabs' Stephen Mallinder in his short-lived Lovestreet project with Dave Ball and Rob Gordon in 1988). Biggest moment for me though is the unexpected appearence of "Obsessed" by Musicology (aka B12) mid-way through the mix, and suddenly I'm back home. I just love that early-90s Detroit-inspired vibe. It's in my blood. Despite the occasionally wild changes of style, this mix hangs together beautifully, to the point where it makes perfect sense when they drop the Ben Liebrand mix of Ram Jam's "Black Betty". I always was a sucker for that track anyway (I've still got the original 7 inch somewhere). Top mix, lads. Cheers. Do me another!!