01 September 2005


nnngThe latest CD from The Agriculture label has arrived. "Monkey Straddle" is the debut album from a Brooklyn-based artist called nnng (pronounced "inch") and it's been my top chill-out CD during the holidays. Waaay mellower than the sort of thing I usually listen to, but very agreeable on a warm summer's evening with a few cans of Red Stripe and a bit of herb (or in my case 20 Lambert & Butler - I've been off the silly stuff for ages, apart from when Pinch offered me a hit on his spliff recently. It would've been rude to refuse. Good gear too - I only had a couple of puffs but I was sailing!!) . nnng's vibe is warm, watery soft-focus dubby electronica, drenched in atmosphere but with some pretty groovy downtempo beats keeping the head-nodding facture at a high. This is my idea of a good easy-listening record, apart from those spooky intro bits where it gets a bit dark 'n' droney. Immaculately produced, tastefully arranged, 'roof music' at it's finest. Check the free MP3s at the site, where you can also order the CD.