03 September 2005


WAP195This may not rank as the best work by either artist, but it's a split 12" from Aphex Twin and LFO, two of my biggest heroes ever!!! I would've bought it anyway, regardless of quality, cos it's a 'fan thing', innit. So I was well pleased to receive a gratis copy from Warp's web promotions office this week, especially when you consider that this release, limited to 2,000 copies and only available exclusively through Warpmart, will probably sell out without any help from me. In fact, just checking the page, it looks like they're almost gone already! Which is why I'm rushing this review out tonight for any Gutterheadz out there who hadn't heard about it and want to bag a copy for the collection.

If you'd played me these tracks blindfold, I could've been easily convinced that all four tracks were by the same artist. Interesting that Richard James and Mark Bell, both originally unique innovators, each with their own distinct sound, have arrived at the same point - producing relentless, efficient, acidic tracks that are as impersonal as they are briefly invigorating. If I had to name a winner, I think Mr. Bell just clinches it - his riffs, and textural nature thereof, have more bite and originality, especially on "Flu-shot [kringln]" which also boasts a frantic electro rhythm which follows on from the direction unvieled on the excellent "Sheath" album a couple of years ago. Of the two AFX offerings, I think "Naks 11 [mono]" is the best, although either track could've been culled from the Analord series, so no real surprises on offer, I'm afraid. But it's a nice little thing to have and it comes in a transparent purple plastic sleeve that looks cool. I always like it when Warp get back on a purple design tip. Okay, enough of my nonsense, get over to Warpmart and grab the last few copies. At the very least it'll be a wise financial investment!