25 July 2007


Well I've been regularly listening to his Sub FM radio show for ages, but last night I finally got off my arse and made the ten minute car journey across Bristol to hang-out with DJ Wedge at his home (his bedroom, to be precise!), to soak up the vibes first-hand as his show streamed live across the world. Guest DJ for the evening was Appleblim, which seemed quite appropriate for the occasion, as it was he who first introduced me to Wedge way back when they were still living over in Bath, and was also his djing partner at that first public performance at one of the very early Dubloaded sessions. Appleblim brought an impeccable selection along, mixing-up the flavas despite having had most of his dubplates stolen recently (ouch! the financial loss alone almost brings tears to my eyes!) but I won't say much else about it because if you missed the show, you can download a recording of it here and experience it for yourself. And you can blame me for those bits where his mixing went a bit wonky, cos I kept putting him off with my inane background chatter. Apologies for that, bredrin. At least I provided the beers. Nice to see the Gatekeeper putting in a late appearance too (watch out for his remix of Wedge's 'Overfiend', forthcoming on new Bristol imprint Reduction, as reported by Kek - I got a test pressing in the post earlier this month and can attest to it's greatness). I took some pictures...

The stream is live-o!

Mic-Controller: Wedge gets evil

Deep concentration: Appleblim steps up...

Loefah test-pressing - forthcoming on Oris Jay's Texture label. Note turntable in serious need of a good dusting!

Appleblim mans the deckles, whilst Wedge checks the shout-box activity

Wicked dark 2 Step vibes from TRG. This is Appleblim's Transition dubplate, but apparently the full release is now in the shops. I shall procure a copy at the earliest opportunity!

CD-R exclusives scattered across Wedge's bedsheet

Wedge models the Mode Recordings cap, available from all good retailers. Possibly.

Gutter, Appleblim & Gatekeeper. Jesus, and I thought I needed a haircut!


It's probably gonna be a bit quiet at this blog for a few weeks for three reasons: (1) The schools have just broken-up for summer so my parenting duties will significantly increase, thus drastically depleting my mental/physical energy levels, (2) I'll be taking the family away on holiday in early August and won't be online much, if at all (3) what little spare time I do have must be devoted to planning, mixing, recording and writing my second Blogariddim podcast, scheduled for this time next month. Frankly, I'm fucking panicking about the deadlines now, but hopefully it'll all come together in time. Fingers crossed....


  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Mine are crossed already. Big up from Poland Gutter. I'm checking your blog for like 2 years and it's always a pleasure to read it. Switching into sleep mode...(waiting for blogariddims)

  2. Nice photos - first time I listened to the Wedge show: have to say I imagined your voice (when it incidentally came on) would be more gruff. Just caught up w/ Bloggariddims, looking forward to the next series.

  3. I'ma lose all respect for you fellas if thats 4X you're drinking...

    ...cos fuck me that is some godawful ozzy kangaroos pissbeer

    they only call it XXXX cos they can't spell beer...

  4. Anon: Thanks for the nice words, it's always good to get a bit of encouragement. Did i ever mention that I'm a quarter Polish...?

    Dan: My voice? Obviously you never heard any of my old Gutterbreakz FM mixes!

    Dubmugga: LOL, i was wondering if anyone would comment on the beer. ideally i would've brought along some Red Stripes, but my local store only had XXXX or Stella, and as I was driving I elected the piss-water.