11 September 2007


The latest Blogariddim comes from Ben UFO - "This Is The News" is a pretty darned crucial selection that surveys the perimeters of dubstep innovation (with a few backwards glances along the way). This is where the shit is heading. Nice to see the Bristol crew represented too. I gave Ben some early exposure over two years ago when I hosted his intriguingly forward-thinking "Snap Crackle & Pop" D'n'B mix, and since then he's immersed himself in the dubstep scene, to the extent that he's now co-running a label called Hessle Audio with Ramadanman and Pangaea. I picked-up the first release, a superlative dark 2-Step outing by TRG, a few weeks ago. Then just this week Ramadanman sent me a cd-r with a few forthcoming tunes on, which I'm listening to right now. More on that another time, but this is definitely a label to watch!


  1. Hello

    in an old post you say you have an old cassette from a gary clail live broadcast i would be very interested by this cassette please contact me

    eric (ericleroy13 AT hotmail DOT com)

    PS: sorry this not really a comment

  2. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Thanks gutta :)

    hessle002 coming shortly.. hopefully. we've had two bad batches of TPs, so fingers crossed