10 September 2007

DJ/rupture & Andy Moor

with Agaskodo Teliverek + V.i. + DJ Gutterbreakz

(Thu 11th Oct 2007 / 8pm / £5 adv)
A combustible encounter between turntablist DJ /rupture (Tigerbeat 6) and guitarist Andy Moor (from cult band The Ex), plus inspired support from two more acts.

Rupture is a favourite in Bristol, ever since he tore up Venn '05 with a perfectly pitched and headily eclectic DJ set. Andy Moor is a member of legendary band The Ex (Touch & Go). From their anarcho-punk birth in 1979, they've tirelessly explored a melting-pot of styles: noise, rock, jazz, and African and European folk. Performing together, this promises to be an electrifying face-off between Rupture's transglobal beat-science, and Moor's muscular guitar style. Be warned!

Support from high-octane Hungarian duo Agaskodo Teliverek (which means "the rearing stallions" in Hungarian). They call their unique, mashed-up style of guitar-based music "Psycho Goulash", combining Dick Dale-esque guitar riffage with manic electronic beats. Odd, fun, and very wrong.

Plus V.i., a future primitivist for whom machine static and buzz are integral. Within his music there is a sense of Richie Hawtin's dedicated vision, Kraftwerk's dis/utopia and Pan Sonic's harnessing of a powerful instrument. Deeply pure and emotive. (more info)

This looks like a whole bunch of fun. I've been asked to provide DJ support throughout the evening, spinning tunes in-between the live acts (probably playing to an empty room whilst everyone dashes outside for a quick smoke) and then in the bar area afterwards. I think I'll go for an eclectic mix, with the usual dubstep, grime and techno, but maybe a bit of electro, ambient, jungle, dub, industrial, lo-fi and whatever else I can squeeze into my record bag. Thanks to Mark for the invite and also to Ralph for hooking us up. Looks like a top night...hoping to see a few local headz down there...?


  1. I'm in ...

    Last time I went to The Cube I fell asleep in the bar, so keep the pace brisk mate...

    Wonder if Cloudboy will be up for this?

  2. u have no idea how much i would give to be able to go to this


  3. No Sweat.
    Make sure you catch some of V.I. - he is a big hero of mine!