02 September 2007


Just back from another brief family holiday to find a couple of hot flyers in my inbox. This Friday (7th September) Ruffnek Diskotek celebrates it's second birthday in fine style with a headlining set from the original dubplate don Hatcha, along with the incomparable Monkey Steak. Looks like fun! All happening at The Croft on Stokes Croft, Bristol from 9pm-4am.

Then later in the month, Highroad returns with a Skull Disco special featuring Appleblim, Shackleton and Gatekeeper, at Cosies in Bristol on the 22nd. They even got Zeke (who designs all the Skull Disco sleeves) to create the flyer too! This looks awesome, though it also clashes with Under_Score's big rave at the Blue Mountain with Baby Ford headlining! But this might all be academic for me anyway, as Mrs. Gutter is already booked for a big hen weekend in Brighton with her girlie mates, leaving me in charge of the kiddies. Frankly, I'm not optimistic that I'll find an all-night babysitter. Shit happens...

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  1. That Zeke design is cool - Chris gave me a copy of the poster when I was in Saturday - currently resisting the temptation to colour it ...

    He's got a blog here, with loads more of his artwork on it:


    Was quietly looking forward to Baby Ford, but that Skull Disco night has knocked all that out of the water....Shame you might not make it... I tried, but my clever, attractive wife didn't feel like takin' on your kids as well...I dunno though!- a Gutta / Dopp next generation crossover clash would be something to see!