18 September 2007


Oh those crazy Scandinavians. I accidentally discovered this shit whilst idly surfing the web a couple of weeks ago. 'Skweee' is a sort of hybrid electro/hip hop/grime sound that been bubbling on the Swedish and Finnish underground for a while, centered around two record labels - Flogsta Danshall (Sweden) and Harmönia (Finland). I really like it. Maybe its because I've been listening to so much 'deep/sophisticated' music this past year, but I find Skweee's naively melodic hooks and clunky robo-funk beats really refreshing. You gotta love all those cute 7" singles too. I don't want to make a big deal about it, but for anyone curious to find out more, there's a Dissensus thread, or if you're really serious, get on board at the Nation Of Skweee forum/resource.


  1. Anonymous12:52 AM

    It's fun music - sounds like some sort of skittish synth-crunk or something to my ears. The Museum of Future Sound comp on Flogsta Danshall has some good moments. It'd sound good on a big system but possibly only for a short while.

  2. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Don't miss out on the new Scandinavian Skweee Vol 2 out any day now!

  3. I put a couple skweee mixes up on my Virb page at www.virb.com/kidlogic - both are available for download straight from the player... and make no mistake, it goes off in the club! JAM#1 was recorded live in LA at JAM, the NastySonix monthly. Its a good intro to skweee cause I put a few hiphop and other joints on there too. Enjoy!