23 September 2007


I have a feeling that service will be even more intermittent than usual round here for a while, so here's some mixage to keep you going...

First up, here's a mix from Bristol's Adam Kidkut, who runs the Immerse label. Recorded back in July, and recently featured on Artofbeats Radio, it's "a good representation of what I listen to, the direction Immerse is going and what people can expect from the radio show Diccon (aka Thinking) and I run on Passion Radio".

Kidkut - Artofbeats Mix

Wedge - Overfiend (Gatekeeper refix) - Reduction (forthcoming)
Djunya - Brahman Dub - Immerse (forthcoming)
Borg - Kisses of Fire - Immerse (forthcoming)
Peverelist - Roll with the Punches - Dub
Kuma - Lost in Translation - Immerse (forthcoming)
Migrant - No Name - Dub
Shackleton - Blood On Your Hands - Skull Disco
23hz & Numaestro - El Rif - Dub
Ramadanman - Rosetta - Dub
Mala - Lean Forward - DMZ
2562 - Resistance Dub - Dub
Skream - Losing Control - Tempa
Distance - Delight - Planet Mu
The Cinematic Orchestra - Reel Life - Ninja Tunes
Gatekeeper - Let Go - Punch Drunk
Trg - Ghetto Romance - Dub
Kuma - Dawn Stepped Outside - Immerse (forthcoming)
Burial - Forgive - Hyperdub
Boards of Canada - You Could Feel The Sky - Warp Music


I was stuck at home looking after the kids last night, so couldn't reach Highroad's Skull Disco special (I sent along my Doppelganger instead!). After I'd put the little darlings to bed I thought I'd cheer myself up with a bit of mixing. Actually, I mix most nights, but usually just for fun and practice. It's a great way to unwind and de-stress, just losing myself in the beats. Minimal techno's particularly good for that. Sometimes I might record onto cassette just to listen to in the car, but last night I thought I'd leave Audacity running and see if anything good happened. So here's a half hour of spontaneous techno jamming...

Gutter's Techno Jam

Andy Stott - Made Your Point (Modern Love)
Blunt - City Rain (Soultek's Emotive Restructure) (Dpress)
David Hausdorf - Untitled (Styrax Leaves)
Convextion - Grey Sky Warm Car (Down Low)
CH-Signal Laboratories - Hypnotica Scale 1 (Sandwell District)
Siobhan Donaghy - Don't Give It Up (Carl Craig Dub) (Parlophone)
Tadeo - Reflection Nebula 056n (Apnea)
Daniel Stefanik - Growth (Statik)

Some new stuff in there like Andy Stott's latest offering but also a few bits I've had lying around for ages like that Carl Craig remix of Soibhan Donaghy (yes, that fit lass who used to be in Sugerbabes - straying dangerously close to the mainstream here, but trust me Carl's dub is a fucking trip). The mix starts out deep 'n dubby, then briefly goes all melodic and 'Detroity' care of Convextion (who's been bringing hours of pleasure into my life this year) then getting deeply fucking minimal and ending up with some abstract shit from Daniel Stefanik, who I'm hoping to witness in action this weekend at the Four:Twenty/H.E.N.C.H bash (which is apparently gonna be a regular bi-monthly event - fantastic! - a club where I can freely wander from a techno room to a dubstep one sounds like my idea of a perfect night out).

This mix is pretty typical of the sort of thing I do for private/personal pleasure: unplanned, relying on intuition and a bit of luck, always striving for the risky looong transition between tracks, resulting in some sublime moments as well as a few dodgy bits where the beats start to drift, etc. This is just a small selection from the tunes I've been buying this year, but can't be bothered to write about. I mean, what is there to write about them? It's about the feeling...you either get it or you don't. Words literally fail me. I shall endeavour to record and share little mixes like this a bit more regularly in future, just to try and express where I'm at these days.

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  1. Nice one.... you were missed, but I'm glad ya did something useful with the time.

    I downloaded that audacity a few weeks back and borrowed a mike of a guy in work - I'm gonna make me a grime track....

    ya... Doppelriddim... watch out for it...