16 November 2007


Coming back briefly to riff on that Moby comparison, I was listening to the Burial album (again!) today, and was suddenly struck by "Raver"s more than passing similarity to Moby's 'classic' 1991 hit record "Go". Something about the melancholy soundtrack strings (stolen from Angelo Badalamenti's "Laura Palmer's Theme" on the Twin Peaks soundtrack) offsetting the ecstatic vocal samples, making them sound a bit forlorn, and the slightly viscous nature of the 4/4 rhythm track. Perhaps some subliminal childhood memory of "Go" leaked into Burial's consciousness...or maybe it's just a coincidence...or maybe Burial really is Moby!

For those too young or too stoned to remember "Go", I should point out that I, erm, really liked it at the time. Remember this was back when nobody really knew anything about Moby; we had no reason to despise him then. It was just another great dance tune. I made a lickle discomix of the two to illustrate my point...

Moby Vs. Burial - Go Raver)

I just bashed this off about twenty minutes ago on the cd decks, and its a bit sloppy. Very sloppy, in fact. In a revisionist measure, I edited out the shite piano solo in the middle of "Go" cos it's the most dated aspect of the track. If anyone out there fancies doing a proper discomix version I'd love to hear it!


  1. those 2 tunes sound wikked together... and yes i do remember 'go' when i was ..erm, 12?

    i can see what ure saying there gutz about he similarities. Well spotted

  2. I was maybe slightly older when GO came out..(cough..)... and it's an interesting juxtaposition on a good few levels Gutta.

    On a pretty basic level... the 'yeeeahhh' and the 'eaasssyy...' seem to work pretty well together. I'd urge a total mash-up rather than a polite introduction Mr Gutta - you're the man for the job -your public demands it.

    But is there a sense that these two tracks bookend something in time and space?

    More importantly, I think the comparison taps into fears, as you say, that Burial might 'do a Moby'and burden the coffee tables and cappuchino bars of the nation.

    I kinda felt sorry for Moby - I never got the sense he was that comfortable. A Moby / Burial talking heads interview would be interesting. Burial's fierce anonymity MUST be some kind of ego-defence mechanism - I guess against fame, dilution, incorporation, assimilation. I wonder where this will go in five years time. (Already in Guardians top 1000 albums list - but new music never matters in these lists - it's importance is always inflated - it's if it is still there in five years or ten years it matters - I forgot to check if 'New Forms' was in there, for example)

    Anyway, thought provoking stuff Gutta.
    My clever, attractive wife sat and listened to the whole album one end to the other last night and it was really interesting, especially as she was once, in a former life, a 'proper' orchestral musician. She kept finding surprises and echoes and textures I'd missed and for some reason, was infintely better at 'spotting' the samples (no, that's definitely a lighter).

  3. Anonymous10:48 AM

    You're on glue. These tracks have only the slightest resemblence to one another. You could take thousands of electronc, 4 on the floor tracks that have any kind of synth patch(or drone) and say, hmmm, gosh these tracks are sure alike.

    You sound like someone's grampa; "All that rock n' roll sounds the same, dang nam it!" Anything in a specific genre has a similar sound, that 's just how it works.

  4. nah, i haven't done glue for years mate. just nicotine and caffeine for me these days. nice to read a negative comment for a change. you're talking bollocks, of course, but maybe i am too.

  5. Bopped to GO back in the day - learning to appreciate the Burial - loved the first one for that - "is it the tools rolling around in the boot of the car - or is that the back-beat" production it offered - it plays up to repeat after repeat playing

    Finding the new one much more polished on the production - which I suppose is inevitable - but the vocals and more upfront beats make it a more tiring listen on repeat-play ( well to me anyhows) ... nice tunez and all that of course - would love to hear the stuff in a club setting - or at least with a loud bass bin in the mix ...

    Nice comparison of the two tracks though - and heck lets hope it does not go all MOby-Belly-Up on us poor listeners !!

  6. Interesting. I haven't heard either of them before (to my shame) so it was actually a bit difficult to tell where one ended and the other started. Not to mention, Burial's production seems less ethereal/dubby on this one, more 2-steppy, which would also explain.

  7. Anonymous7:36 PM

    urk...that's a brutal mix

  8. good stuff, but stick to vinyl mixing...