21 December 2007


Yeah! Great to see Pinch back on home turf after his Japanese adventure (coincidentally, following on from my previous post, he spent most of his time in Japan hanging out with...Rupert Parkes!). The Tube was absolutely rammed for most of the night - barely enough room to shake yer ass on the dancefloor. I missed Headhunter's set cos I spent too long chatting with Doppelganger in the pub down the road, but caught most of Wedge's wibbly-wobbly vibe, which went down very well with the locals. Pinch followed with a careful blend that was part educational, part crowd-appeasing, and then Whiteboi (sporting some new facial hair) shared duties with Misoh - the first female dubstep dj I've ever seen! Nice to see a few faces I haven't bumped into for awhile, like Atki2 and Dub Boy telling me all about their various upcoming projects (more on that another day). Fell into bed at 3:30am - just like the old days! Don't think I've got the stamina for Shackleton tonight, but probably gonna be down for Ruffnek Discotek tomorrow. Party on!
Go Pinch!!
The Massif
Misoh: short but sweet
Pinch and Jabba


  1. yep - good one - 'ave a good time down Ruffnek Gutta - Merry Christmas and all that...

  2. where did your man get a "leftfield loonies" t-shirt?!?!?! thats the pittsburgh pirates fanclub


    very weird, i dont think he's been through town on tour or anything.....