12 March 2008


So I got curious enough to find out why I get so many hits from so little new content. Part of the answer comes from my back-catalogue of images, especially the above pic of Lady Sovereign, which I posted just over three years ago in this post (I'd give the photographer credit, but unfortunately I can't remember where I sourced the pic from originally).By far the most Google search-engine queries that bring people to my blog are "Lady" and "Sovereign", followed by "MP3". Actually, if you check the top ten search queries it makes for pretty depressing reading:

14019 6.86% lady
13475 6.59% sovereign
7205 3.53% mp3
6754 3.31% gutterbreakz
5143 2.52% download
4696 2.30% grime
3370 1.65% the
2441 1.19% dubstep
2163 1.06% blogspot
2013 0.99% free

The top 10 website referrers were as follows:

7404 6.69% http://blissout.blogspot.com
4004 3.62% http://gutterbreakz.blogspot.com
2833 2.56% http://www.mp3blogs.org
1721 1.55% http://k-punk.abstractdynamics.org
1676 1.51% http://www.scissorkick.com
1603 1.45% http://www.headphonesex.co.uk
1450 1.31% http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dubstep
1361 1.23% http://20jazzfunkgreats.blogspot.com
1314 1.19% http://www.kidkameleon.com
1303 1.18% http://kidshirt.blogspot.com

Surprised to find I was my own second biggest referrer, after the mighty Blissblog. But then you got that MP3 blog aggregator coming in third.


  1. ya i've been hitting the site for back catalogue late night reading..totally entertaining reads from the past..basically you were listening & writing about most things i was into at the time, just had no idea about blogs..haha..also i have rediscovered my love for Suicide and Cabaret Voltaire (found a copy the crackdown i didnt know i had, i may have found it in a dollar bin?) thanks to your passions..i also have learnt a great deal more about the Belguim scene, Detroit techno, etc, etc...also nice to read about the beginnings of dubstep..along with woebot & bliss, k-punk and even my old pal from Tdot, ghetto postage (didnt know about his blog, and we saw eachother often, then he split for the uk cuz he loved GRIME!) i've really enjoyed learning from you guys..this is what i've always been looking for..thanks Gutter!! much respect.

  2. "Jump!....Jump!....Jump!" lol

    That is where this is all leading, isn't it, Nick?

  3. Lady Sovereign your good at licking pussy