25 March 2008


So I thought I'd bought the original Sleng Teng riddim compilation, released on Jammy's label in 1985...

But when I looked at the record within, it turned out to be a UK pressing on the rather more obscure Tad Records, with an altered tracklist...

Still a wicked album though! But now I'm wondering if the record was always packaged in a Jammy's sleeve or whether it got in there by accident (or design) at some point in it's life...?


  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    The "real" cover is here, matey:


    Most likely misfiled in a shop? But also possible that TAD's did a deal with Jammys which included using up a load of extra covers they had... who knows? :-)

  2. Thanks John.

    Yeah my first thought was that it had been misfiled at some point, but then you wonder about some of the shady deals these labels used to do.

    Looking on the positive side, I get the more enjoyable Jammy's sleeve, but also Bobby Digital's straight-no-chaser 'Mega Dub Mix' (you know how I like my instrumentals).

  3. Thats probly far rarer than the Jammys version. I saw piles of this and volume 2 bound for the reissues market in Sonic Sounds in Kingston.