16 March 2008


...has finally arrived! Now with full colour on the cover and expanded content. I've been particularly enjoying Droid's interview with Shut Up And Dance's PJ, the second part of Matt B's interview with Mark Irration and Paul Meme's interview with Scuba, who's forthcoming debut album "A Mutual Antipathy" is really interesting. I'd say that Scuba is shaping-up as the Beaumont Hannant of dubstep, though I suspect the comparison might be lost on most readers. Whatever - watch out for it!. The dubstep reviews section has expanded dramatically after myself and Kek-W muscled our way in. I see they chose to use Kek's review of Peverelist's "Roll With The Punches" over mine, which is understandable cos it's much better, but if you want to read my version it's now here. Also, I wrote a second batch of reviews just before the deadline but looks like they couldn't squeeze them in, so now you can read those here, cos they'll be far too old to bother including in #3. Nice to see Paul Autonomic reviewing Micheal E. Veal's excellent book "Dub" and also Doppleganger getting some of his art in print. All told this is a bloody good read, so I heartily recommend you get over to the Woofah site and order yourself a copy before they sell out...

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  1. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Mine just arrive in the post today courtesy Honest John's Records. Lookin' FWD>> to it. Didn't know you wuz contributing.

    Prince Asbo