13 April 2008


Another nail in the High Street coffin witnessed by Kek.

In related news...

Yep, the Yate branch of Oxfam finally closed it's doors for good.

Man, I scored some tasty vinyl in there over the years, but it now appears that Yate shopping centre is a vinyl-free zone. Now I've got absolutely nothing to look forward to next time I take the kids to the dentist or whatever.


  1. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Sean and I cycled to Hythe (5 miles or so away) via backroads, gorgeous day, good excersise, etc. Hythe is home to at least 8 charity shoppes, each one supplying the black plastic. Mind you, it's mostly classical, Herb Alpert or 5 Star.

    Picked up "The Stars Sing Lennon/McCartney" for 59p, (mostly)featuring songs written for Billy J. Kramer, the Fourmost, et al. but not ever fecorded by the Fabs. It's the album the Rutles wish they'd made.

    Aaron (aka Prince Asbo)

  2. hey man, save those 5 Star rekkids for me!