13 April 2008


One High Street chain still doing a roaring trade in Yate is of course Woolworths, that bastion of family-orientated entertainment and clothing products.

Idly glancing along the racks of chart CDs, I had to raise an eyebrow at the wealth of dance music compilations/mixtapes on offer - everything from r'n'b to d'n'b to oldskool rave to funky house to...well you get the idea. Get yer Pure Garage Rewind here, and take note of the tracklist on that bonus 'Nu Skool/Bassline' disc. Never thought I'd see Benga and Coki's names on a CD in Woolies! (Speaking of which, although I didn't see it in the store, Woolworths are stocking Benga's album as well).

Or why not go straight to the Bassline with this 3 disc set of 'Niche, 4x4 and Bassline Anthems' - yours for a mere tenner!

Who needs Blackmarket, eh...?

But me being a boring old vinyl fetishist and inveterate snob, I left the shop empty-handed.

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  1. Yeah, we were in Woolies this (sunday) afternoon too... interestingly, I noticed that they are advertising the fact that you can pay council tax, utility bills, etc at their counter...presumably, to pre-empt (or even hasten!) the closure of local/rural post-offices...

    More dead shops. Bigger shops killing littler shops. Predator shops. Natural Selection, innit.