04 July 2008




Q&A with Ed DMX

Gutter: Good to see you're bringing the live show to Bristol. Will you be taking requests? How about '20 Minute Affair' for an encore..?

Ed: Nah, I don't do that kind of stuff anymore. It'll be more electro/techno/acid kinda stuff to dance to. I'm too old to attempt to be a pop singer!

G: I figured that would be the case. One can but dream. But did you ever perform those old songs live in a 'pop' format?

E: Yeah about 4 or 5 times, with a guitarist, live synth etc. The thing is it was quite expensive and you had to be sure it was the right kind of place booking you - you don't want to try and sing a song to a crowd who want to hear banging acid techno.....

G: Yes I guess there's a big difference between performing live in a 'club' environment as opposed to a 'gig' one. So you don't subscribe to the Richard D. James approach of deliberately pissing off your audience then? Or perhaps I should say 'trashing everyone's preconceptions', lol!I guess he can afford to make those suicidal career moves.

E: No my fees are a few orders of magnitude below his so I need to get bookings at least 20 weeks out of the year! Anyway, I think it's a good quality to respect the audience enough to try and make them happy, I mean I won't change what I do to try and second guess the audience, but I try and do something I think is good in the belief that some of them will think it's good as well.

G: What sort of set-up are you bringing along next week anyway? Are you bringing all hardware or what? Its so rare these days to see some decent kit on stage, rather than a bloke with a laptop and maybe a little midi controller. Though I guess transporting a load of synths must be a headache. I always enjoyed the 'spectacle' of groups like Orbital when they were surrounded by all those a-frames full of gear.

E: Yeah unfortunately it's just me so I can't carry loads of gear. There is no budget to even bring a friend to most of my gigs to help carry....and the gear is getting so old and valuable now that it's risky to take it out! So I do it with an MPC and a TB-303 and that's it. Works though and it's more fun than a computer.

G: That sounds good enough for me, Ed - see you down the front!

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  1. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Hey - what about "Bonkers Goes Back To School"? That's my personal Ed DMX fave - is he ever gonna' do that one live?