16 May 2006


Really, do I need to bother reviewing the Burial album? Paul Autonomic totally fucking nails it over at Riddim.Ca, and also includes a comprehensive selection of links to all the other reviews/ discussion about this remarkable album (although you should also check Blackdown's Pitchfork review and some interesting observations from our friend at Peanut Butter Words). What more is there to say, really? Although I should point out that I was the first one to link Burial with the amorphous 'Hauntology' genre back in January, heh heh.

Okay, okay, some specific points. This is a really good electronica/listening album, even though that idea would certainly horrify Burial and his allies. It's creased-up, aged patina of dusty sonics works well as a lo-fi indie album too. So what? Get over it. These tracks would probably sound crap in a club, and the fact that they elected to only release it on CD sort of proves the point. It's profoundly mood-altering headphone music, best listened to when alone at home..."Dark Side Of The Moon" for the dubstep generation? Maybe. Does it matter? Those beatless ambient tracks, "Night Bus" and "Forgive", are the best examples of distressed isolationist beauty I've heard since Aphex's "Selected Ambient Works Vol. II", which, in case you didn't notice, was the greatest album of the '90s. Maybe that album isn't part of Burial's genetic make-up, but its totally in the same zone. Get over it. I love the Space Ape, but his appearance on, er, "Space Ape" is too near-focus and it's ruining my vibe. So what? Get over it. You really should buy this album, cos it's fucking cool. How's that?

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