29 September 2007


Blissblog on Neil Landstrumm's "Restaurant Of Assassins" elpee. I bought the album myself a few months ago, after a couple of people recommended it to me for it's Bleep 'n Bass influences. I've been enjoying it, and admire the way Landstrumm is trying to take that set of 'dormant potentials' forward. But I think part of the problem for me is hinted in Landstrumm's 'Ravestep' term: there's just a bit too much of the rave elements; the breakbeats, the samples, the clutter, for it to really hit the g-spot for me. Too much London/Home Counties and not enough South/West Yorkshire, maybe?

It's difficult for me to quantify... I mean, I like a lot of oldskool breakbeat rave, its just that the best Northern bleep stuff was operating in some spacey zone where House-meets-Electro-meets-Dub. If Neil exorcised about 30% of the extraneous noise, he'd be getting to where I'd like him to be.

But don't let me put you off! It's still a wicked album. Highly recommended and commendable. I just have this serious fetish thing going on.

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  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    The old school raver in me ignored my 2007 sensibilities and "this is kind of cheesy" complaints and made me buy the record. Thanks to him, because, shit, it is GOOD, isn't it?

    Landstrumm having produced some of my favourite techno tracks ever also helped a bit in the decision.